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The American English Pronunciation Card

AEP Awardtemp2
Includes audio CD!

The American English Pronunciation Card…

  • helps students improve English pronunciation. 
  • features a quick and easy approach with clear full-color visuals and a complete audio program.
  • is the only corpus-based pronunciation guide on the market.
  • features a free Instructor’s Guide.

Only $17.95
FREE standard shipping on orders of $100 or more


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The Grammar You Need

new!Building Sentences 1

Level 1: Building Sentences Now Available!
Level 2: Developing Details (coming in 2015)
Level 3: Writing with Clarity and Accuracy (coming in 2015)

The Grammar You Need series…

  • provides a unique visual tour through essential academic grammar.
  • helps students quickly grasp sentence structure, verb tenses, coordination, and subordination.
  • expands to a core grammar series with the free Student Workbook.

    TGYN, Level 1 – Student Workbook
             (Free PDF Download)

$8.95 per level
FREE standard shipping on orders of $100 or more



The Word Combination Card:A Writer’s Reference

newWord Combination card

The Word Combination Card…

  • improves students’ written fluency, precision, and clarity.
  • helps students build high-frequency academic vocabulary.
  • converts to a centerpiece writing text with the free Student Workbook. Instructor’s Notes also available.

Only $8.95
FREE standard shipping on orders of $100 or more

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“Language Arts Press has a great reputation here among the faculty of our program.  One instructor wrote this to me few terms ago (when I told her what a pleasure it is to work with Language Arts Press): ‘They're ESL teachers at a community college out east who decided to create materials that don't cost students an arm and a leg.  You can tell how committed they are by the way they run their business.’”

Ella Bozigar
Intensive English Language Program
Portland State University


English-Spanish Communication Aids for Construction, Landscaping, and Restaurant Work

Your solution for everyday labor communications




Say-It Language Card for Restaurants and Cafeterias

Includes audio CD!

Only $17.95
FREE standard shipping on orders of $100 or more



Say-It Language Card for the Construction Trades

Includes audio CD!

Limited-time sale! $14.95
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Say-It Language Card for Landscaping

Includes audio CD!

Limited Time Sale! $14.95
FREE standard shipping on orders of $100 or more

Here's what people are saying about our Language Cards:

“Say-It Language Cards have helped our Latino clients with specific workplace vocabulary and language needs.  The cards are affordable, effective, and easy to use.  I’ve recommended them to other language and workforce development programs.”

Maritza Rivera Cohen
Program Manager
Gilchrist Center for Cultural Diversity
Wheaton, MD

“Hop over language barriers… The Say-It Language Card for Restaurants and Cafeterias… offers foodservice workers an accordion-stylefolding card to help them quickly andeasily learn the most common jobsite words and phrases in English and Spanish.”

Catering Magazine
March/April 2009

"Complete and Easy to Use!" At last, a practical English-Spanish guide for the jobsite!"

Becky Fairchild
Recruiting and Training Coordinator
Clark Realty Builders
Ashland, VA

"This is a terrific resource for both supervisors and laborers! We use the Language Card to avoid misunderstandings. It saves hours of extra work. And at $15.95 for both the card and the CD, it's a bargain and a half! Thanks!"

Matt Sullivan
SkyWright Construction
Bethesda, MD

"Covers all the basics!"

Gary Anderson, Supervisor
Bat Masonry
Lynchburgh, VA

"Say-It Language Cards help avoid big-time landscaping miscommunication problems!"

Gustavo Gilardi, Owner
Gilardi Lawn Maintenance & Gardening
Poolesville, MD

“Landscaping companies that employ non-English-speaking Hispanic employees can benefit from the new Say-It Language Card for Landscaping.”

Christina Jesson
Total Landscape Care Magazine


Say-It Language Cards...

  • contain over 700 key words and phrases needed for safety, efficiency and job satisfaction, all in a compact, laminated guide!
  • feature a bilingual format that works for learners of English and Spanish
  • are well organized for easy reference
  • are made extra tough for the jobsite
  • come with an audio CD so you can listen and practice at home or in the truck.
  • are priced at only $15.95 for the Card and CD!

FREE standard shipping on orders of $100 or more !
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